!translate with Protokol

  • Protocol recording using recording and deciphering methods
  • Protocol recording through typing
    Written and oral translations in a range of languages and fields
  • Cassette transcriptions
  • Simultaneous translations
  • Peripheral services at conferences and conventions

About Protokol

The company has branches in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, and representatives in Haifa and Beer Sheva, providing its services across the countryToday, Protokol is one of the leading companies in its field and provides its services to most government ministries in Israel, including the Ministry of Justice, the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Labor and Welfare, Tax Authority, Israel Lands Administration, Matnass, The President’s Residence, etc.

The company is the exclusive provider of all translating services for all the courts in . Since 2007, the company is the sole provider of translation services all Government offices.As a provider of services to government institutions, the company is required to comply with highest of standards and most stringent of requirements, including provision of translation services and translators in very short notice, submitting protocol within several hours of the hearing and compliance with severest military classifications of the teams.

List of major projects carried out by Protokol:
•  Netanyahu Commission – the government inquiry committee to review the function of the healthcare system
•  The committee to review the Temple Mount Incidents
•  Banks trial
•  Shamgar Commission – inquiry commission to review the massacre at the Cave of the Patriarchs.
•  Deri trials, Omri Sharon and Haim Ramon.
•  Ministry of Education Commissions – protocol recording
•  Navon Commission – regarding blood donations by Ethiopian immigrants
•  Zeiler Commision – Versailles tragedy
•  Zeiler Commision – Parrinian Brothers
•  Talansky testimony