Recordings and Transcription

Recordings, Protocol Recordings and Transcription
RecordingsProtokol provides audio and video recording services for meetings, conferences, committees, mediation, court hearings, etc. as well as radio and television programs broadcast in Israel. The recording itself may be ordered as well as the transcript of everything said in the program, following editing. We can also perform remote recordings, and broadcast audio + video files online.The major advantage of transcription in this method is the option of returning and correcting any error made in recording.

Protocol Recording
In addition to the protocol recording method via recording and transcription, the company provides protocol recording services through typing. For example, Protokol provides protocol recording services for planning and construction committees in the Ministry of the Interior around the country, the Ministry of Science and to many other private customers.

Cassette Deciphering and Transcription
Protokol has quality, cutting-edge equipment for cassette transcription by which cassettes deemed as being of poor quality (secret recordings, old cassettes, etc.) can be transcribed as well.
We can transcribe cassettes in 33 different languages and translate them into 38 different languages.Among Protokol’s private clients in cassette transcription are private investigation departments and law firms, which use company services in order to submit transcripts as part of legal exhibits.

Cassette Conversion
Protokol has professional, quality equipment that enables the company to reproduce audio and video tapes, and convert video to audio, reproduce regular mini-cassettes, create additional copies of audio and video tapes, etc. The sophisticated equipment also allows the company to improve the quality of poor recordings and to screen out noise.